Hi, I'm Balint Pato, a PhD student (2021-) in quantum computing in Prof. Kenneth Brown's lab at Duke University.

I am also a husband and dog-parent, I love traveling, hiking, surfing, making and listening to music and love good food and all sorts of drinks.

Why am I blogging and why would you care?

After 15 years of full time software engineering, in 2021 I started transitioning into a research and teaching career in quantum computing. I am finding more and more moments filled with the excitement of understanding something new, or at least new to me. I am sharing some of these learnings where I find that I can add a little bit of my own angle of explanation into it, in the hope that this might help another student of any age and at any stage of their careers from high school to retirement.

Beyond sharing, selfishly, I aim to crystallize my own understanding by putting it through the crucible of publication. I hope that even an informal process like blogging will help with deepening the concepts and practice scientific writing.

I decided to get rid of my old posts, if you are looking for those, you can still find them in the Internet Archive.


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LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/patobalint